Thursday, September 28, 2006

Playing with Holga

This photo was one of my first attempts at playing with my new Holga camera. I love how artsy the shots turn out, with the darkened and slightly blurry corners! I'm definitely going to have to play around some more because out of 24 possible pictures, only 18 turned out and I really only liked 5. Still, there is something so authentic about taking pictures (without going digital), getting them developed, and holding the final product in your hand. And yes, that's our Dixie dog.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Vote for the new name!

Here are the finalists for the new business name. Please vote by leaving a comment with your top pick (write-ins welcome).
  • Front Porch Studio (this one is one of my faves, but the URL is taken by another design firm in Georgia, so I would do something along the lines of .biz, etc. I like the welcome feeling it evokes; a place where friends gather. Any ideas for similar feelings?)
  • First Light Studio
  • Sasparilla Studio
  • Serendipity Studio
  • Bonhomie Studio (French for "a pleasant and easy manner"; pronounced bon-uh-mee)
Thanks for your help!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Name

This new business name thing is driving me crazy! I know the essence of the sort of concept I have for my business, but finding the right combination of words or even just one word that captures what all I need for it to capture is proving to be quite a feat! It's graphic design, custom invitations, announcements and greeting cards, plus I'd like it to someday be transferable to, say, hiring a couple people, maybe even getting a store front. Oy! Any suggestions, I'm all ears!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Last of the 20-somethings...

So yes, Peanut's birthday was on the 7th and he honestly was surprised with the surprise party, even though he got home a full 45 minutes earlier than he should have. I tried to stall by sending him to the grocery store, but apparently my shopping list wasn't long enough because when he did pull up there were only four of us ready to jump out to suprise him. The rest of the crew arrived about 15 minutes later and we all had a grand evening of football, fennel pork medalions, asparagus risotto, and pigs in a blanket, topped off by yellow cake with chocolate frosting! It was a great evening and we both want to thank everyone who came!

Tomorrow I embark upon the last year of my twenties... It was my birthday before it was "the day of the attacks", and it was also the day that Peanut and I had our first kiss, so there is plenty of goodness in celebrating that day. On Saturday my wonderful gaggle of girls down here had a brunch to bid adiou to summer and they serenaded me and forced me to eat yummy cupcakes at the end! Plus, we're apparently going out this coming Saturday night! With a start like that to this last year of my twenties, I know it'll be a grand year. Thanks ladies! I love you all!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

30 year old Nut

Today is Peanut's 30th birthday!!! I'm throwing a small surprise dinner for him tonight (and I can post this entry because I know he won't get to check it out today) and as far as I can tell, he doesn't suspect a thing!

Happy Birthday, babe! I am so thankful for the miracle that put you on this Earth and in my life!