Friday, March 16, 2007

23 Weeks

It's been a while since I last posted, but much has been happening in the land of belly growth. Our little man is kicking every day, many times a day (and night) and is now, according to BabyCenter, about 11 inches long!

Last night Peanut and I went to a ballet (it was my Christmas present from him), so while I was at least somewhat dolled up, compared to my work-from home gear or going to art class threads, I figured I'd snap a pic to show the progression. We even did round one of the baby registry last week! Still a lot to do, but if you see any snazzy sock monkey themed items, send 'em my way, since that's the theme for the baby's room!

Work is going along smoothly. Finished two wedding invitation ensembles and two save the dates; moving on to those invites. I will be taking the next few weeks to re-visit the biz plan, update the official name change, and finally get the website running. Wish me luck! I promise I'll get better about posting fun, photo and craft filled blogs!


Anonymous Susan said...

Hi Kathy,

Love your outfit!

Blogger Kathy said...

Thanks! One of the few that fits these days! =-)

Blogger Red-headed said...

You are too cute!


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