Friday, April 13, 2007

Womb Service!

I just had to share with you all a cute story from our latest ultrasound. It really was quite humorous and I'm sure is at least a little bit of an insight into what I'm imagining will be our little man's personality.

I had an ultrasound appointment on Thursday morning to check in on our progress and just make sure everything was kosher with the little guy. Since they wanted to check out all of my organs surrounding the uterus, I was asked not to eat breakfast and to gulp down 32 oz. of water prior to coming in. I tell you, asking a pregnant woman to forgo breakfast AND not letting her pee for a couple hours after drinking 32 oz. of liquid is not highly recommended! Still, well worth it for the sake of our son.

In any case, the technician is doing his prodding around; made the usual comment (usual because we hear it at every appointment) that he is "quite an active child". (Um, yeah, I can tell you that every evening when I'm trying to relax and he'll have nothing of it!) At one point, though, he starts chuckling and turns the monitor so that Peanut and I can both see it. We can see his little body and a little hand. Then the technician points to the bean stalk-looking thing next to him and says that it is the umbilical cord (where he gets all of his nutrients). I remind you at this point that I have not had breakfast, so really neither has the baby. That's when we notice why the technician is laughing: our little man has his hand wrapped around the cord! He absolutely looked like he was ringing the bell for breakfast, pulling on the cord and saying, "Um, I'm HUNGRY here! How about some food coming my way?" None of us had ever seen anything quite like it and it really had all of us laughing! Needless to say, we finished up quickly, they finally let me empty my bladder, then Peanut and I came home and I ate my long-awaited breakfast.

Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of the scene, but I'm sure you can all imagine it. Just thought that little story might brighten your day!

By the way, in case we haven't updated you, all is fine here. I'm 27 weeks now (next week is the third trimester - YAY!), feeling fine, if not a little large (had to buy some slip-on shoes since bending down is tricky now), and Ollie is, as you read in the story, an active mover. We can hardly wait for July when we get to meet the newest member of our family.