Thursday, May 03, 2007

Going Home Again

I've been sitting on a piece of news for a few weeks now, figuring out the details, but now is the time to let you all know.... (drum roll please!)


Home being Seattle. Yep, Peanut accepted a position at his company's headquarters up there and he starts May 21, so we're moving in two weeks! It's so crazy because we weren't sure if we'd be moving to Portland or Seattle or when exactly we'd make the leap, but it all came together yesterday. The next couple of weeks will be somewhat crazy, I'm sure, packing up everything down here and doing the house hunt up there. Plus, I get to start the search for the doctor to deliver our little guy and the hospital, too.

I'm really, REALLY going to miss my Cali friends, but it has been a wonderful time down here, much to my surprise looking back on when we first moved down here and I thought for sure I'd go crazy watching the news each night. Who knew that Hollywood gossip could take center stage over Bush's latest mis-spoke on the 6 o'clock news? And that palm trees would see more Christmas lights than evergreens? I tell you, there are some crazy things about Southern California, a number of which I am actually going to miss...

So if it is a little quiet around here, you'll understand why.


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