Friday, October 08, 2004

One down!

I did it! My first client meeting was a success! Of course, we really hit it off so well that it felt more like coffee with a friend rather than an intimidating meeting with "the client". I was a little bit nervous on the drive down there, thinking about all of the possibilities. "What if she doesn't like my designs?" "What if she just doesn't show up?" "What have I gotten myself into?" But the reality of it all was that it was a great meeting and she loved all of the designs I brought for her sister's baby shower invitations. I have a few shopping items to get and then it's off to Designland.

I also had a class the same night about starting a small business. There are so many forms and permits and documents and funding and... It's quite a task, but I am very excited about it. I've already registered my domain name, so now it is a matter of setting up the website and getting my business cards. I have a few people who are eager to be passing out my contact info, which means I also need to get working on my portfolio. Of course, now would be the time that I need a functioning printer, which is not currently in the works. The hubby and I plan on going out this weekend to look at all of the possibilities, but I am anticipating some fairly high startup costs. This would be where the loans come in. Judging from the amount of information covered at the class on loans, it will be a while before one comes through. I first need to write up my business plan. Luckily, I have a one-on-one with a small business consultant next week. If anyone out there has a few dollars they'd like to put toward funding a fun card company, let me know!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Getting going

So it really is happening, isn't it? I've been wanting to start a greeting card and invitation company for a few years now and having recently married the most wonderful man who fully supports anything I want to do, I'm doing it. My first client? My sister. Baby shower invitations. I guess that really makes ME the first client, since I'm the one throwing the shower and she's the one having the baby. She also asked me to do the announcements! It is so thrilling to see my company name on the back of a card (Blue Bean Creations).

I actually have my first real and official client meeting on Wednesday with a woman I met sitting at the wonderful DMV. Quite the introduction to California, sitting in the DMV office for two and a half hours on a Wednesday afternoon. But I was thrilled to talk to a very nice woman and exchange business cards. Oh yeah, I don't have business cards... YET! But I got hers and am doing, what else? Baby shower invites for her sister. Small world.

So I've been doing the research, signed up for the first of many classes, and am researching like crazy, along with making my designs. Where do I get these printed? Short-run printing for clients, but nicer than just my home printer. I keep searching the phone book, but no luck yet. I am finding tons of great sites by other inspiring artists; everything from handbags to clothing to more cards (ah, the competition!). Every now and then I sit back and wonder "What am I doing? Can I really do this?" But I think I can. My family and friends all think I can, too. One of the most important things in life is to have support from people you love.

Hey, I should make a card for that...