Sunday, May 13, 2007

On the Road Again

The house is near empty. The truck is all packed. Soon the tears will be shed and goodbyes said. Moving home again. Starting another chapter of life... It is all so strange, so welcome, and somehow so new. New because I never thought leaving would be so hard to do. Somehow, we've made a home here, with wonderful friends and amazing neighbors who are really there for you. We've changed our clothes (shoes, too!), but not our souls and not who we are. That will always be the same, whether here or there. Thankfully, we've found people appreciate that, too.

So in just too short of hours, we'll be driving away, looking back and waving, bringing with us pictures, memories, love, and promises to visit. We'll be heading someplace old that is new again. New adventures await, family can hardly contain the excitement, and honestly, we can't wait, too. It'll be nice to be home again. But this is home now, too.

Wish us luck as we start driving north, two cats, a dog, two kayaks and a bouncing pregnant belly in tow! If you see us on the road, be sure to wave!


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