Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nothing like a cold day to inspire a post

I've been meaning to post about my fun new craft project, crewel needlework! I can't remember how I found out about it, but I was so impressed with all of the projects featured on Wool & Hoop's site that I bought the book, "The New Crewel" for my Mom as a birthday present. Little did I know that just a few days later I'd be getting a copy of my own for Christmas! When the fam was here, we women bought the supplies needed (although, I'll warn you, it is nearly impossible to find crewel wool, the thread that is supposed to be used for these projects, at least around here!). I did find some great online sites, but my sister and I actually ended up using regular embroidery thread for our projects. We had actually bought an entire kit for my Mom, so she had the right stuff. Still, I think ours looked pretty dang good for being first attempts! Here's how mine turned out:

The colors are a little bit more bold in person. An apple-y green, turquoise blue, and deep chocolate brown. I'm thinking I might do a few different versions of the same pattern but playing around with the color scheme and frame them all together. Might be fun decorations for the nursery!

Speaking of nursery and all things baby, I'm officially in the second trimester now at 15 weeks! It's AMAZING the difference in morning sickness between "then" and now. I actually cooked dinner last night! I think it was the first time in three months! And yes, this is a lot for the girl who usually loves to cook and bake. Here's a shot of the Garbanzo so far, or at least how it looks on the outside:

One of the really strange things I've noticed lately? My belly button! No, it hasn't popped, but it's OVAL! Not only that but it's a horizontal oval, as in stretches left to right, not up and down. So crazy...

Friday, January 05, 2007

One more week till the 2nd trimester...

(Baby is in the top, head on the left)

Yay! I'm just over 13 weeks now and just amazed at the journey so far. At our ultrasound this morning we saw the tiniest of feet kicking around (although I still can't feel anything just yet) - SO cool! It's hard to believe that we are really going to be parents in a few months. I'm looking forward to entering the second trimester; hoping that the morning sickness (persistent nausea is NOT fun) will finally end after going on for almost 7 weeks now, plus hoping I'll start showing more. Right now only my close friends and family can really tell I've got a prego belly versus eating too much holiday junk food (which, by the way, has not been appealing at all, much to my sweet tooth surprise!).

Belly shot - 13 weeks

Peanut and I are still debating about whether we should find out the gender or not. I kind of think it would be nice not to know; of course I say that now, but I know, come time to decorate the nursery or buy cute bitty clothes, I'll want to know. Peanut just plain feels the need to know.

I also found the bassinet I'd like to use for the first few months. The research on it has been quite positive - it's made from sustainable timber, so it is environmentally friendly, and is one of only five cradles to be JPMA Safety Certified. Plus, it folds up, so with the limited space we have here, we won't need to worry so much about storage and can use it for future children AND travel! Comes with the matress and a fitted sheet, too. It's the Cariboo Folding Bassinet (the bag part is easy to remove and machine wash/dry):

So, yes, Baby Mania has taken over most of my day around here, but I am working with four brides and plotting out a new business plan for the next five years (a storefront sounds GRAND). I know, I know, still need to finish my website...